Monday, April 30, 2007

We Can Have It "Made in America"

Republicans: Nostalgic for the Reagan era? Want a nominee who can be an effective, even eloquent spokesman for conservative ideals? Seeking a candidate with a demonstrated track record of winning the votes of all Americans? Like actors?

Fred Thompson is not your only choice.

John Ratzenberger is the best man for the party, and the best man for America.

I Love the 80s.
Having played the most beloved character on the ur-80s sitcom, Cheers, John embodies the Age of Reagan like no man but the Gipper himself. Who better to lead us back to that golden age?

A True Conservative
The following is a quote from John's website, describing the themes of his recent book We've Got It Made In America:

In this collection of insightful essays, John captures what most of us hold dear in our hearts but which too few of us declare loudly and proudly. John points out:

  • how political correctness is destroying American tradition.
  • where the Woodstock generation went wrong.
  • why we still have nothing to fear but fear.
  • how we became a civilization that honors failure instead of success.

In his witty and fun-loving style, John reveals the pinnacles and pitfalls of our nation’s culture and reminds us why we love America.

Can't you imagine such words coming out of the Great Communicator? How about Giuliani, McCain or Romney? I thought so.

A Proven Vote-Getter
John's most recent is on TV's Dancing with the Stars. Aged 60 and somewhat stocky, John moves on the dance floor like, well, a stocky 60-year old. He's been in the "bottom two" (that is, facing elimination) two times already and has survived both times. How? Because America loves John Ratzenberger, that's how. They want more Ratzenberger. Can't get enough Ratzenberger. They've got a fever, and the only cure is more Ratzenberger. And so they vote him back, week after week. (By the way, don't forget to vote for John here.) If John can hold his own against Heather Mills, you think he can't beat Hillary?

Ratzenberger '08: The Postman Will Deliver

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